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6 hotels in Italy & France

B4 Hotels. Next generation hotels, as unique as you are.

B4 Hotels represents the next generation in the world of hotel hospitality. Dedicated especially to a business clientele and to the contemporary kind of curious, hip and hi-tech traveller, this line of hotels stands out for its concept, quality and services.

Present in Italy and France, in Florence, Venice, Nice and Lyon, B4 are 4 star hotels with a captivatingly new design concept, starting with the unique personality of each one.

In B4 hotels, the Halls have transformed from traditional transit and waiting areas into community areas, places for socializing and for interacting with other guests, for taking a break and for relaxing. A generation of hotels featuring innovative settings, furnishings, state of the art technological amenities and services offered in the common areas, rooms and restaurants.
B4 Hotels
B4 Hotels
B4 Hotels
B4 Hotels
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